P and Q stared a business investing Rs. 85,000 and Rs. 15,000 respectively , In what ratio the profit earned after 2 years be divided between  P and Q  respectively ?

A. 3 : 4
B. 3 : 5
C. 15 : 23
D. 17 : 23
E. None of these


What will be the percentage share of  Y in the profit earned by  X, Y and Z together ?

I.  X, Y and Z invested a total amount of Rs. 25,000 for a period of two years.

II. The profit earned at the end of 2 years is 30%.

III. The amount invested by  Y is equal to the amount invested by X and Z  together.

A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. Any wo of the three
D. All I, II, and III are required
E. Question cannot be answered even with information in all the three statements .


Three friends, P, Q and R  started a partnership business investing money in he ratio of 5 : 4 : 2 respectively for a period of 3 years. What is the amount received by  P as his share in the total profit ?

I.  Total amount invested in he business in Rs. 22,000

II. profit earned at the end of 3 years is `3/8` of the total investment ..

III. he average amount of profit earned per year is Rs. 2750.

A. I or II or III
B. Eiher III only , or I and II together
C. Any two of the three
D. All I, II, and III are required
E. None of these


A and B are partners in a business . A contributes `1/4 `of the capital for 15 months and B received `2/3` of the profit . For how long B's money was used ?

A. 6 months
B. 9 months
C. 10 months
D. 1 years .


A and B shared a business with initial investments in the ratio 14 : 15 and their annual profit were in the ratio  7 : 6

If A invested the money for 10 months , for how many months did B invest his money ?

A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9