Process Equipment and Plant Design


Overall mass transfer co-efficient in case of absorption of __________ in water is based on the gas film co-efficient only, as the mass transfer process is gas film (phase) controlling.

A. `CO_2`
B. `SO_2`
C. `NH_3`
D. none of these


The equivalent diameter for fluid flow through a channel of constant non-circular cross section of area 'A' is given by (where, P = perimeter of the channel in contact with the fluid)

A. 4 A/P
B. A/P
C. 4P/A
D. `sqrt(A)`


Diameter of rivet hole (d, mm) and the plate thickness (t, mm) are related by Unwin's formula as

A. d = 1.1 t
B. d = 1.6 `sqrt(t)`
C. d = 1.5 t
D. `3sqrt(t)`


Elastic failure of a material occurs, when the tensile stress equals yield strength, yield point or the elastic limit. Also, the elastic failure occurs according to maximum strain theory, when the maximum tensile strain equals (where, `sigma`= yield strength and E = modulus of elasticity)

A. E
B. `sigma`
C. `sigma`/E
D. E/`sigma`


Souders Brown equation given by,`U = K_V sqrt((pL-pv)/(p_v))` , is used for the calculation of the __________ in a continuous distillation column.

A. diameter of the bubble cap column
B. diameter of the seive plate column
C. tray pressure drop
D. residence time in the downcomer for the disengagement of entrained vapour