Nuclear Power Engineering


How many atoms are present in one gm-atom of an element ?

A. 2 x 1023
B. 6 x 1023
C. 6 x 1032
D. 5 x 105


Absorption/scattering cross-section of an element is expressed in "barn", which is equivalent to

A. 10-24 cm2
B. 10-12 cm
C. 1 Angstrom
D. 10-24 cm


The ratio of atomic radius to its nuclear radius is about

A. 105
B. 108
C. 1012
D. 1015


Which of the following gases has very high neutron capture cross-section, making it unsuitable as a coolant in nuclear reactor?

A. N2
B. He
C. CO2
D. H2


The specific heats of three gaseous coolants namely H2, He and CO2 in the increasing order are

A. CO2,He,H2
B. CO2,H2,He
C. H2,He,CO2
D. H2,CO2,He