Polymer Technology


Thermoplastic resins usually

A. remain hard as long as they are hot.
B. can not be reclaimed from waste.
C. permanent setting resins.
D. less brittle than thermosetting resins.


  A copolymer is formed by the combination of two or more monomer molecules

A. n a chain without the elimination of water.
B. with the elimination of small amount of water.
C. of the same monomer by elimination of small molecules of water.
D. none of these.


  The monomer for the production of neoprene rubber is

A. acetylene
B. chloroprene
C. isoprene
D. none of these


Alkyd resin e.g., glyptal resin formed by phthalic anhydride and glycerene is not used

A. for surface coating of automobiles & air crafts.
B. for fibre making.
C. as plasticiser for PVC & nitrocellulose.
D. for film forming materials.


Which of the following is an elastomer ?

A. Thiokol
B. Phenol formaldehyde
C. Urea formaldehyde
D. Polystyrene