Polymer Technology


__________ are produced by reacting polybasic acid (e.g. phthalic anhydride) with polyhydric alcohol (e.g., glycerol).

A. Unsaturated polyester
B. Alkyd resins
C. Saturated polyester
D. Amino resins


Low pressure Zeigler process of polythene manufacture

A. employs a pressure of 30 kgf/cm2.
B. achieves an yield of 95-98% based on ethylene.
C. produces very low density polythene.
D. does not use any catalyst for polymerisation.


The repeating units of PTFE are

A. Cl2CH-CH3
B. F2C = CF2
C. F3 C-CF3
D. FClC = CF2


  Contact lenses for eyes are made of perspex, which is nothing but

A. polymethylmethacrylate
B. polystyrene
C. unsaturated polyester
D. polypropylene


  Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) copolymer, which is produced by blending styrene-acrylonitfile copolymer with butadiene based elastomer, is a/an

A. rigid foam
B. engineering plastic
C. thermosetting polymer
D. spongy rubber