Petroleum Refinery Engineering


The characterisation factor of crude petroleum oil is around

A. 3
B. 11
C. 22
D. 28


Which of the following has the highest flash point of all ?

A. Diesel
B. Kerosene
C. Petrol
D. Furnace oil


'Solvent naphtha' used mostly as a solvent in paints and perfumery is produced by the __________ of virgin naphtha into small boiling range cuts.

A. steam reforming
B. distillation
C. desulphurisation
D. none of these


The general formula of naphthenes is

A. CnH2n + 2
B. CnH2n -6 (where, n `ge`6)
C. CnH2n -4
D. same as that for olefins i.e. CnH2n


The main aim of cracking is to produce

A. gasoline
B. lube oil
C. petrolatum
D. coke