Petroleum Refinery Engineering


Which of the following is a naphthene ?

A. Butene
B. Butadiene
C. Cyclohexane
D. Acetylene


Pick out the correct statement pertaining to catalytic cracking.

A. With increase in the reactor pressure, octane number of gasoline decreases.
B. With increase in the reactor temperature, gasoline yield decreases for a given conversion.
C. Percentage conversion increases with increase in the catalyst to oil ratio.
D. all (a), (b) and (c).


Feedstock for polymerisation is

A. naphtha.
B. cracked gases rich in C2 & C4 olefins.
C. low boiling aromatics.
D. none of these.


In a refinery petroleum crude is fractionated into gas fraction, light ends, intermediate distillates, heavy distillates, residues and by products. The group of products including gas oil, diesel oil and heavy fuel oil belongs to the fraction

A. heavy distillates
B. intermediate distillates
C. light ends
D. residues


Octane number (unleaded) of gasoline produced by isomerisation of butane may be about

A. 45
B. 55
C. 70
D. 90