Materials and construction


Brass container is suitable for storing

A. aqueous ammonia
B. beer
C. H2SO4(95%)
D. phosphoric acid (95%)


Lead pipes are not safe for carraying drinking water, because water, containing dissolved oxygen attacks lead thereby forming poisonous Pb(OH)2. Lead pipes are readily corroded by

A. dilute HC1
B. acetic acid
C. concentrated H2SO4
D. none of these


Lead pipe is

A. especially resistant to solutions containing H2SO4
B. usually joined by burning (e.g. by melting to adjacent pieces with a torch)
C. having very low elastic limit resulting in permanent deformation from either mechanical or thermal strain.
D. all (a), (b) and (c).


Cast iron vessels are not suitable for the storage of

A. freon
B. H2SO4 (95%) at room temperature
C. H2SO4 (fuming)
D. wet SO2


Which of the following comprises of hydrocarbons ?

A. Mica flakes
B. Glass
C. Rubber
D. None of these