Furnace Technology


An improved and fuel efficient version of the pusher type reheating furnace is the __________ furnace.

A. walking beam
B. shaft
C. tunnel
D. rotary hearth


Recuperator is

A. not used for fuel gas preheating.
B. an intermittant waste heat recovery equipment.
C. a continuous waste heat recovery equipment
D. heavier than regenerator meant for the same duty.


Waste heat from the outgoing flue gases in a thermal power plant is recovered by a/an

A. economiser
B. steam superheater
C. air preheater
D. all (a), (b) and (c)


In which of the following furnaces, the gases are sucked through the stock bed from below?

A. Soaking pit
B. Sintering machine
C. Beehive oven
D. None of these


In a furnace, the heat taken by the charge/stock and the heat lost to the furnace structure & flue gases depends on the

A. rate of firing and emissivity of flame
B. thermal conductivity of the charge & structural materials of furnace.
C. nature of process ; whether batch, continuous or intermittant
D. all (a), (b) and (c)