Buildind Materials


For melting one tonne of cast iron

A. 700 m3 air is required
B. 20 kg limestone is required
C. one quintal coke is required
D. all the above.


In stone masonry, if stones are so placed that their layers are parallel to the direction of load, they

A. split easily
B. are affected by moisture
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of these.


French polish is

A. oil paint
B. distemper
C. spirit varnish
D. none to these.


Plywood is normally available.

A. 1 mm thick
B. 2 mm thick
C. 2 to 3 mm thick
D. 3 mm to 4 mm thick.


Teak wood is suitable for

A. sports articles
B. furnitures
C. railway sleepers
D. all the above.