Applied Mechanics


If two equal forces of magnitude P act at an angle `theta`, their resultant, will

A. `p cos theta`/2
B. `2psin theta`/2
C. `p tan theta`/2
D. `2p cos theta`/2
E. `p sin theta`/2


Moment of interia of a squares of side fa about an axis through its centre of gravity, is

A. `b^3`/4
B. `b^4`/12
C. `b^4`/3
D. `b^4`/8
E. `b^4`/36


M.I. of solid sphere, is

A. 2/3 M`r^2`
B. 2/5 M`r^2`
C. M`r^2`
D. `pi r^4 `/2
E. 1/2M`r^2`


A vehicle weighing w kg is to run on a circular curve of radius r. If the height of its centre of gravity above the road level is h and the distance between the centres of wheels is 2a, the maximum velocity, in order to avoid over turning, will be

A. `(gra)/(h)`
B. `sqrt((gra)/(h))`
C. `root[3]((rga)/(h))`
D. `root[4]((gra)/(h))`


The moment of inertia of a triangular section (base b, height h) about centroidal axis parallel to the base, is

A. `(b^3 h)/(12)`
B. `(bh^3)/(3)`
C. `(bh^3)/(36)`
D. `(bh^3)/(2)`
E. `(bh^3)/(8)`