Theory of Structures



In case of a simply supported I-section beam of span L and loaded with a central load W, the length of elasto-plastic zone of the plastic hinge, is

A. `L/2`
B. `L/3`
C. `L/4`
D. `L/5`
E. . none of these.


m1 and m2 are the members of two individual simple trusses of a compound truss. The compound truss will be rigid and determinate if

A. `m = m_1 + m_2`
B. `m = m_1 + m_2 + 1`
C. `m = m_1 + m_2 + 2`
D. `m = m_1 + m_2 + 3`


If the strain energy stored per unit volume in a hollow shaft subjected to a pure torque when t attains maximum shear stress fs the ratio of inner diameter to outer diameter, is  `17/64  F_s/N`

A. `1/2`
B. `1/3`
C. `1/4`
D. `1/5`


The maximum deflection of a simply supported beam of span L, carrying an isolated load at the centre of the span ; flexural rigidity being EI, is

A. `(WL^3)/(3EL)`
B. `(WL^3)/(8EL)`
C. `(WL^3)/(24EL)`
D. `(WL^3)/(48EL)`


A simply supported beam A carries a point load at its midspan. An other identical beam B carries the same load but uniformly distributed over the entire span. The ratio of the maximum deflections of the beams A and B, will be

A. `2/3`
B. `3/2`
C. `5/8`
D. `8/5`