Elements of Remote Sensing


Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. The wave length of gamma rays is `10^(-10) m`
B. The wave length of radio rays is `10^6 m`
C. The visible length occupies a small portion of the electromagntic spectrum extending roughly from` 0.4 mu m to 0.7mu m` wave length
D. All of these


The solid angle subtended by the sphere is

A. `2 pi`
B. `3 pi`
C. `4 pi`
D. ` 6 pi`


Which one of the following frequencies is a GPS ?

A. ` L_1` with frequency 1520 MHz
B. `L_1` with frequency 1575.42 MHz
C. ` L_1` with frequency 1227.6 MHz
D. `L_1` with frequency 1280.43 Hz


The maximum absorption of solar radiation due to ozone occurs at wave lengths

A. shorter than `0.3mu m`
B. shorter than `0.2 mu m`
C. greater than `0.3 mu m`
D. None of these


Pick up the incorrect statement regarding the optical infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum from the following :

A. visible region,` 0.4 mu m - 0.7 mu m`
B. short wave infrared region, 0.7` mu m - 1.5 mum`
C. near infrared region,` 1.5 mu m - 3.0 mum`
D. microwave infrared region, `3.0 mu m - 8.0 mum`