UPSC Civil Service Exam.Question


A circular plate 100 mm diameter is welded to another plate by means of 6 mm fillet weld. If the permissible shearing stress in the weld equals 10 kg/mm2, then the greatest twisting moment that can be resisted by the weld will be

A. 424 `pi` kg.m
B. 300`pi` kg.m
C. 212 `pi` kg.m
D. 60 `pi` kg.m


A steel cable of 2 cm diameter is used to lift a load of 500Ï€ kg. Given that, E = 2 x 106 kg/cm2 and the length of the cable is 10 m, the elongation of the cable due to the load will be

A. 0.5 cm
B. 0.25 cm
C. 1 cm
D. 1/`pi` cm

A cohesionless soil having an angle of shearing resistance of `varphi`, is standing at a slope angle of i. The factor of safety of the slope is tan i

A. `(tan i)/(tan varphi)`
B. `tan i - tan varphi `
C. `(tan varphi)/(tan i)`
D. ` tan varphi - tan i`


What is the ratio of maximum shear stress to average shear stress for a circular section ?

A. 2
B. `3/2`
C. `4/3`
D. `3/4`

A simply supported continuous beam with two equal spans carries uniformly distributed load w on entire length of the beam. If each span has a length L, the bending moment at the central support is

A. `(WL^2)/(12)`
B. `(WL^2)/(8)`
C. `(WL^2)/(4)`
D. `(WL^2)/(2)`