Advanced Surveying


If `alpha`, H, A and `delta` be the altitude, hour angle, azimuth and declination of a circumpolar star at its elongation, in latitude`lambda` the following relation holds good

A. `cos H = tan lambda/ tan delta`
B. `sin alpha = sin lambda/ sin delta`
C. `sin A = cos delta/cos lambda`
D. all the above.


If`delta`is the declination of the star and `phi` is the latitude of the observer then the hour angle of the star at elongation is given by

A. `sin H = tan phi . cot delta`
B. `cos H = tan phi . cot delta`
C. `tan H = tan phi . cot delta`
D. none of these


The latitude (`lambda`) of a place and the altitude (`alpha`) of the pole are related by

A. `lambda = alpha`
B. `lambda = 90^circ - alpha`
C. `lambda = alpha - 90^circ`
D. `lambda = 180^circ - alpha`


The parallax equation  ` Delta P = (Bm Delta h)/(H - h)`  is applicable to entire overlap of the photographs only if parallax is measured

A. normal to base line
B. parallel to base line
C. both (a) and (b)
D. neither (a) nor (b).


Wp and Wf are the weights of a cylinder containing partially compacted and fully compacted concrete. If the compaction factor`((W_p) /(W_f))` is 0.95, the workability of concrete is

A. extremely low
B. very low
C. low
D. high
E. none of these.