Water Resources Engineering


Ryve's formula for flood estimate in cumecs, is

A. `Q = CA^(3//4)`
B. `Q = CA^(2//3)`
C. `Q = CA^(1//2)`
D. `Q = CA^(1//4)`


If `omega` is unit weight of water, Q the discharge in cumecs, H the total head lift and `eta`, the efficiency of the pump, the H.P. of the motor is

A. `H.P = (omega Q H)/( 75 eta)`
B. `H.P = (omega Q H)/( 4500 eta)`
C. `H.P = (omega Q eta)/( 75 H)`
D. `H.P = (omega Q eta)/( 4500 H)`


The coefficients of permeability of soils of an unconfined aquifer and another confined aquifer were determined by pumping water from the wells and observing the effect of water table in two test wells at equal distances was found to be equal. The total height of confined aquifer H is given by

A. `H = h_2 - h_1`
B. `H = h_1 - h_2`
C. `H = h_2+ h_1`
D. `1/2 (h_1+ h_2)`


The formula for calculating the overland flow time (To) in hours for any basin, is (where Lo is the distance of the critical point and H is the difference in elevation)

A. `T_0 = (0.225 L_0^3/H)^0.385`
B. `T_0 = (0.665 L_0^3/H)^0.385`
C. `T_0 = (0.435 L_0^3/H)^0.385`
D. `T_0 = (0.885 L_0^3/H)^0.385`


The rational formula for calculating the discharge, is (where A is the area of basin and Po is one hour rainfall)

A. `(1/12) K.P_0 ((1)/(1 + T_e)). A`
B. `(1/24) K.P_0 ((2)/(1 + T_e)). A`
C. `(1/36) K.P_0 ((2)/(1 + T_e)). A`
D. `(1/48) K.P_0 ((1)/(1 + T_e)). A`