Airport Engineering


The length of a runway under standard atmospheric conditions is 1800 m. If the actual reduced level of the site is 1200 m, the design length of the runway is

A. 2360 m
B. 2460 m
C. 2560 m
D. 2660 m


Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. Tar concrete pavements are suitable if fuel spillage occurs
B. Rubberised tar concrete hot blast as well as spillage
C. Epoxy asphalt concrete resists the jet fuels and provides more elastic pavement
D. Epoxy asphalt concrete sets in very small time
E. All the above.


In instrument landing system

A. L.O.M. and L.M.M. are installed on one side and Localizer antenna on the other side
B. L.O.M. and Localizer are installed on one side and L.M.M. on the other side
C. Localizer and L.M.M. are installed on one side and L.O.M. on the other side
D. None of these.


If lift off distance of an craft is 2000 m, the clear way at the end of the runway should not be less than

A. 145 m
B. 152.5 m
C. 162.5 m
D. 172.5 m


The length of runway is increased per 300 m rise above M.S.L.

A. 3%
B. 4%
C. 5%
D. 6%
E. 7%