Structural Design Specifications


If b is actual width of a flange, Dt is the thickness of the flange, `b_omega` is the breath of the web, lo is the distance between the points of zero moments in a beam, the effective width of the flange, is

A. `(l_0)/((l_0//b) + 2) + b_omega`
B. `(l_0)/((l_0//b) + 3) +2 b_omega`
C. `(l_0)/((l_0//b) + 4) + b_omega`
D. `(0.5l_0)/((l_0//b) + 4) + b_omega`

A solid slab spanning in two directions at right angles and carrying a uniformly distributed load, is supported on beams. If the length of two such beams A and B perpendicular to each other are x and y (x<y), the load shared by the beam A, is
A. `1/2 xy`
B. `1/3 xy`
C. `1/4 x^2`
D. `1/4 y^2`


Bending moment values for filler joists

A. near middle of end span is +`(omega L^2)/(10)`
B. at support next to end support is -`(omega L^2)/(10)`
C. at middle of interior spans is +`(omega L^2)/(12)`
D. at other interior supports is - `(omega L^2)/(12)`
E. all the above.


In compression members, the lap length of a bar should not be less tha

A. `12 phi`
B. `16 phi`
C. `20 phi`
D. `24 phi`
E. `30 phi`


The value of fbct in the formula   ` t = sqrt((3W)/(f_(bct))  (A^2 - B_2/4))`  for calculating the thickness of a Rectangular base, according to IS : 800-1982, is

A. 1500 kg/`cm^2`
B. 1650 kg/`cm^2`
C. 1800kg/`cm^2`
D. 1890 kg/`cm^2`