C++ Concepts


We can output text to an object of class ostream using the insertion operator<< because

A. the ostream class is a stream
B. the insertion operator works with all classes
C. we are actually outputting to cout.
D. the insertion operator is overloaded in ostream


The major goal of inheritance in c++ is:

A. To facilitate the conversion of data types.
B. To help modular programming.
C. To extend the capabilities of a class.
D. To hide the details of base class.


Which of the following cannot be legitimately passed to a function

A. A constant.
B. A variable.
C. A Structure
D. A Header File


If an array is declared as
int a[4] = {3, 0, 1, 2}, then values assigned to a[0] & a[4] will be ________

A. 3, 2
B. 0, 2
C. 3, 0
D. 0, 4


In C++, the range of signed integer type variable is ________

A. 0 to 216
B. -215 to 215 -1
C. -27 to 27 -1
D. 0 to 28