C++ Concepts


A white space is :

A. blank space
B. new line
C. tab
D. all of the above


A copy constructor takes

A. no argument
B. one argument
C. two arguments
D. arbitrary no. of arguments


To perform stream I/O with disk files in C++, you should

A. open and close files as in procedural languages.
B. use classes derived from ios.
C. use C language library functions to read and write data.
D. include the IOSTREAM.H header file.


Usually a pure virtual function

A. has complete function body
B. will never be called.
C. will be called only to delete an object.
D. is defined only in derived class.


An exception is caused by

A. a hardware problem
B. a problem in the operating system
C. a syntax error
D. a run-time error