C++ Concepts


The process of building new classes from existing one is called ______.

A. Polymorphism
B. Structure
C. Inheritance
D. Cascading


If a class C is derived from class B, which is derived from class A, all through public inheritance, then a class C member function can access

A. protected and public data only in C and B.
B. protected and public data only in C.
C. private data in A and B.
D. protected data in A and B.


What is the output of the following code

char symbol[3]={‘a’,‘b’,‘c’};
 for (int index=0; index<3; index++)
cout << symbol[index];

A. a b c
B. “abc”
C. abc
D. ‘abc’


The operator that cannot be overloaded is

A. ++
B. ::
C. ()
D. ~


In C++, dynamic memory allocation is accomplished with the operator ____

A. new
B. this
C. malloc()
D. delete