OOPS Concepts


What will happen if a class is not having any name?

A. It cannot have a destructor.
B. It cannot have a constructor.
C. It is not allowed.
D. Both A and B.


Which of the following keyword is used to overload an operator?

A. overload
B. operator
C. friend
D. override


Which of the following header file includes definition of cin and cout?

A. istream.h
B. ostream.h
C. iomanip.h
D. iostream.h


Which one of the following is the correct way to declare a pure virtual function?

A. virtual void Display(void){0};
B. virtual void Display = 0;
C. virtual void Display(void) = 0;
D. void Display(void) = 0;


Which of the following statements regarding inline functions is correct?

A. It speeds up execution.
B. It slows down execution.
C. It increases the code size.
D. Both A and C.