Pick the odd one out.

A. integer, character, boolean, floating
B. enumeration, classes
C. integer, enum, void
D. arrays, pointer, classes


When a language has the capability to produce new data type mean, it can be called as

A. overloaded
B. extensible
C. encapsulated
D. reprehensible


The value 132.54 can represented using which data type?

A. double
B. void
C. int
D. bool


Which of the following statements are true?
 int f(float)

A. f is a function taking an argument of type int and retruning a floating point number
B. f is a function taking an argument of type float and returning a integer.
C. f is a function of type float
D. none of the mentioned


Identify the user-defined types from the following?

A. enumeration
B. classes
C. both a and b
D. int