Large Objects


Which is used to pass the large objects in c++?

A. pass by value
B. pass by reference
C. both a & b
D. None of the mentioned


In linux, how does the heaps and stacks are managed?

A. ram
B. secondary memory
C. virtual memory
D. None of the mentioned


How to unlimit the size of the stack?

A. setrlimit()
B. unlimit()
C. both a & b
D. None of the mentioned


What is the size of the heap?

A. 10MB
B. 500MB
C. 1GB
D. Size of the heap memory is limited by the size of the RAM and the swap memory


Which option is best to eliminate the memory problem?

A. use smart pointers
B. use smart pointers
C. use virtual destructor
D. both a & c