Deriving conclusions from Passage


Study the following passage carefully and answer the questions.

There is more bad news on food front. It now appears certain that there will bea shortfall of about 9 million tonnes

 in the food production in the current kharif season, which in turn means five million tonnes less than the production 

achieved in the last kharif season. However, rice procurement may only be partially affected since West Bengal 

and Andhra Pradesh have had sufficient rainfall while Punjab, the mtyor contributor to the central pool is less 

dependent on rainfall. Still, the overall availability of rice may go down by more than four million tonnes. There may

 be worst news ahead.

  • The saliva of the house dogs should be periodically tested for the detection of rabies,

A. Probably true
B. Probably false
C. Definitely true
D. Data inadequate
E. Definitely false

Answer : Option D

Explanation :

The given fact is neither mentioned in nor can be derived from the passage.