Statement - Courses of Action


which of the three given suggested courses of action logically follows for pursuing.

Statement : Drinking water supply to New Bombay has been suspended till further orders from 

                   Maharashtra Pollution Control Board following pollution of Patalganga river , caused 

                  by discharge of effluent s from some chemical industries.

Courses of : I. Th e industries responsible fo r discharging effluent s into the river should be asked

    action          to close down immediately .action

                      II. The river water should immediately be treated chemically before resuming supply.

                      III. The Pollution Control Boar d should check the nature o f effluent s being discharged

                          into the river by industries at regular intervals.

A. All follow
B. Onl y I follows
C. Onl y II and III follow
D. Onl y III follows
E. None of these

Answer : Option C

Explanation :