Measurements and Instrumentation


Four capacitors are in parallel. Their values are 36.3 `mu_`F, 3.85 `mu_`F, 34.002 `mu_`F and 850 `mu_`F with an uncertainty of digit in the last place. The total capacitance in significant figures is

A. 75.0 µF
B. 75.0 ± 0.1 µF
C. 75.1 ± 0.1 µF
D. 75.002 ± 0.1 µF


A meter having 0-1000 `mu_`A range and 1000 `Omega` resistance is required to be changed to 0-100 mA meter. The value of shunt resistance is about

A. 1 Ω
B. 10 Ω
C. 99 Ω
D. 100 Ω


In a ballistic galvanometer, a charge of 100 `mu_`C gives a first swing of `25^circ`. The charge required to cause first swing of `50^circ` is

A. 200 µC
B. 400 µC
C. 50 µC
D. 25 µC


The term 'Poisson's ratio' is connected with

A. strain gauge
C. Bourden tube
D. capacitance transducer


While calibrating an ammeter by a dc potentiometer it is necessary to use a standard resistance.

A. True
B. False