Measurements and Instrumentation


The accuracy of an instrument is determined by

A. closeness of indicated value to the actual value
B. repeatability of measured value
C. speed with which the reading approaches final value
D. least value which can be measured


In a CRO the Y plates are oriented

A. horizontally
B. vertically
C. at an angle of 20° of horizontal
D. at an angle of 70° of horizontal


Schering bridge is used to measure

A. capacitance and dielectric loss
B. inductance
C. resistance
D. mutual inductance


A D' Arsonval galvanometer is a

A. moving coil instrument
B. moving iron instrument
C. dynamometer instrument
D. induction instrument


The phenomenon of creep occurs in

A. energy meters
B. voltmeters
C. ammeters
D. wattmeters