Measurements and Instrumentation


The flow rate of electrically conducting liquid without any suspended particle can not be measured by

A. turbine flow meter
B. electromagnetic flow meter
C. ultrasonic flow meter
D. thermistor based heat flow meter


An electrostatic voltmeter is suitable for

A. low voltage at high frequency
B. high voltage
C. low voltage at low frequency
D. all ac and dc voltages


The precision of an instrument indicates its ability to reproduce a certain reading with a given

A. drift
B. resolutions
C. shift
D. consistency


The electrical power to a megger is provided by

A. battery
B. inverter
C. permanent magnet dc generator
D. ac generator


The dynamic characteristics of capacitive transducer are similar to those of

A. LP filter
B. HP filter
C. notch filter
D. band stop filter