Measurements and Instrumentation


Basically a potentiometer is a device for

A. comparing two votage
B. measuring a voltage
C. comparing two currents
D. measuring a current


The material used in RTD is

A. linear
B. aluminium
C. silver
D. platinum


The response of D'Arsonval galvanometer is over damped if

A. D2 > 4CJ
B. D2 > 2CJ
C. D2 < 4CJ
D. D2 < 2CJ


The deflection sensitivity of a CRO is generally expressed in

A. meter/V
B. cm/V
C. V/meter
D. V/cm


Wagner earthing device eliminates

A. all stray capacitance in the circuit
B. stray capacitances between components
C. stray capacitance between detector terminal and ground
D. mutual coupling between components