A political party orders an arch for the entrance to the ground in which the annual convention 

is being held. The profile of the arch follows the equation y = 2x - 0.1`x^2` = − where y is the height

 of the arch in meters. The maximum possible height of the arch is

A. 8 meters
B. 10 meters
C. 12 meters
D. 14 meters


An automobile plant contracted to buy shock absorbers from two suppliers X and Y. X supplies 

60% and Y supplies 40% of the shock absorbers. All shock absorbers are subjected to a quality 

test. The ones that pass the quality test are considered reliable Of X's shock absorbers, 96% are 

reliable. Of Y's shock absorbers, 72% are reliable. 

The probability that a randomly chosen shock absorber, which is found to be reliable, is made by Y is 

A. 0.288
B. 0.334
C. 0.667
D. 0.720


Which of the following assertions are CORRECT? 

P: Adding 7 to each entry in a list adds 7 to the mean of the list 

 Q: Adding 7 to each entry in a list adds 7 to the standard deviation of the list 

 R: Doubling each entry in a list doubles the mean of the list

S: Doubling each entry in a list leaves the standard deviation of the list unchanged

A. P, Q
B. Q, R
C. P, R
D. R, S


Given the sequence of terms, AD CG FK JP, the next term is 



Wanted Temporary, Part-time persons for the post of Field Interviewer to conduct personal 

interviews to collect and collate economic data. Requirements: High School-pass, must be 

available for Day, Evening and Saturday work. Transportation paid, expenses reimbursed. 

Which one of the following is the best inference from the above advertisement? 

A. Gender- discriminatory
B. Xenophobic
C. Not designed to make the post attractive
D. Not gender- discriminatory