Nuclear Science


How many colours the sunlight spectrum has?

A. Three
B. Seven
C. Four
D. Five


Which of the following rays are more penetrating?

A. Beta rays
B. Alpha rays
C. Gamma rays
D. X-rays


Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of

A. neutron
B. proton
C. deuteron
D. electron


Atoms of an element differ from those of all other elements in

A. atomic number and electronic configuration
B. number of neutrons and number of valence electrons
C. atomic number and number of valence electrons
D. number of neutrons and electronic configuration


According to Avogadro's Hypothesis, the smallest particle of an element or a compound, that can exist independently, is called ____ .

A. a molecule
B. a cation
C. an anion
D. an atom