The fibre root system is better adapted than tap root system functionally to perform

A. attachment to soil
B. food storage
C. water and mineral absorption
D. transport of wated


The exchange of gases in mammals takes  place in the

A. larynx
B. trachea
C. alveoli
D. bronchi


Silver fish,crab,coakroach,honey bees have which of the following features common?

A. compound eyes
B. jointed legs
C. poisoned glands
D. metamorphosis


The expulsion of milk from the breast during suckling is brought about by

A. prolactin
B. oxytocin
C. vasopressin
D. precipated calcium


Red algae differ from green algae and brown algae in having

A. no chlorophylia
B. no differentiated cells
C. no phycocyanin within their cells
D. no flagellated stages in their life cycles