A single covalent bond 

A. is formed by the transfer of two electrons
B. exists between hydrogen and chlorine is an aqueous solution, of hydrochloric acid
C. is longer than a double bond
D. does not require energy to disrupt it unlike an ionic bond


Absolute alcohol is

A. 100% proof
B. 95% alcohol and 5% water
C. 200% proof
D. rectified spirit


A catalyst

A. alters the velocity of reaction
B. increases the velocity of a reaction
C. decreases the velocity of a reaction
D. starts a reaction


Alloy steel containing chromium, to resist rusting, is known as

A. wrought iron
B. cast iron
C. hard steel
D. stainless steel


A process of very slow regulated cooling is known as

A. quenching
B. sedimentation
C. annealing
D. diffusion