Multiple choice question


Consider the following passage

'his records proclaim him as a feudatory of the Emperor Somesvara III. He had his capital at talakad in the sounth and Bankapura in the north. It was in AD 1137 that he performed the great ceremony of Tulapurusha'

The above passage refers to

A. Mayurasarman
B. Anantzavarman Chodaganga
C. Yayati Mahasivagupta I
D. Vishnuvardhana


Among the following sites, sculptural evidence regarding the first representation of Buddha in Human form come from

A. Bharut
B. Mathura
C. Sanchi
D. Amravati


Ring fence is associated with

A. Henry Lawrence
B. Dalhousie
C. Warren Hasting
D. Lord Hasting


During the decline of the Mughal Empire, the jats were organised into a political force by

A. Rajaram
B. Churaman
C. Bandan Singh
D. Suraj Mal


Adhvaryu mentioned in the Vedic literature was

A. an associate of the Vedic rajan
B. One of the ratnins
C. a type of chariot
D. a category of sacrificial priest