Multiple Choice Questions


A candidate for the office of President of India should not be less than

A. 25 years of age
B. 30 years of age
C. 35 years of age
D. 40 years of age


A bill presented in parliament becomes an Act after

A. It is passed by both the houses
B. the President has given the assent
C. the Prime Minister has signed it
D. the Supreme Court has declared it to be within the competence of the Union Parliament


A dispute between the two houses of the Parliament can be resolved by a

A. ruling of the Lok Sabha Speaker
B. ruling of the Rajya Sabha Chairperson
C. joint sitting of both houses,summoned by the President
D. None of these


A judge of Supreme Court of India holds office till he attains the age of

A. 58 years
B. 60 years
C. 62 years
D. 65 years


A member of the Council of Ministers can be asked to tender his resignation if he loses the confidence of

A. the Governer
B. the State Legislature
C. the Chief Minister
D. all the above three