Strenght of Materials


The resultant stress on an inclined plane which is inclined at an angle `theta` to the normal cross-section of a body which is subjected to a direct tensile stress (`sigma`) in one plane, is

A. `sigma sin theta`
B. `sigma cos theta`
C. `sigma sin 2theta`
D. `sigma cos 2 theta`

If the depth is kept constant for a beam of uniform strength, then its width will vary in proportional to (where M = Bending moment) 
A. M
B. `sqrt(M)`
C. `M^2`
D. `M^3`


The unit of stress in S.I. units is

A. `N//mm^2`
B. `KN//mm^2`
C. `N//m^2`
D. any one of these

The strain energy stored in a body due to shear stress, is (where `tau`= Shear stress, C = Shear modulus, and V = Volume of the body)

A. `(tau)/(2C) xx V`
B. `(2C)/(tau V)`
C. `(tau^2)/(2C) xx V`
D. `(2C)/(tau^2 V)`

In leaf springs, the maximum bending stress developed in the plates is (where W = Load acting on the spring, l = Span of the spring, n = Number of plates, b = Width of plates, and t = Thickness of plates)
A. `(Wl)/(nbt^2)`
B. `(3Wl)/(2nbt^2)`
C. `(2Wl)/(nbt^2)`
D. `(3Wl)/(nbt^2)`