Strenght of Materials


The maximum deflection of a fixed beam of length l carrying a central point load W is

A. `(Wl^3)/(48El)`
B. `(Wl^3)/(96El)`
C. `(Wl^3)/(192El)`
D. `(Wl^3)/(384El)`


The polar moment of inertia of a solid circular shaft of diameter (D) is

A. `(pi D^3)/(16)`
B. `(pi D^3)/(32)`
C. `(pi D^4)/(32`
D. `(pi D^4)/(64)`


The relation between Young's modulus (E), shear modulus (C) and bulk modulus (K) is given by

A. `E = (3KC)/(3K + C)`
B. `E = (6KC)/(3K + C)`
C. `E = (9KC)/(3K + C)`
D. `E = (12KC)/(3K + C)`


When a bar of length l and diameter d is rigidly fixed at the upper end and hanging freely, then the total elongation produced in the bar due to its own weight is (where w = Weight per unit volume of the bar)

A. `(Wl)/(2E)`
B. `(Wl^2)/(2E)`
C. `(Wl^3)/(2E)`
D. `(Wl^4)/(2E)`


The pull required to crush the rivet per pitch length is

A. `p.t.sigma_t`
B. `d.t.sigma_c`
C. `pi//4 xx d^2 xx sigma_t`
D. `pi//4 xx d^2 xx sigma_c`