Automobile Engineering


The function of a connecting rod is

A. to turn the flywheel
B. to drive the drive plate
C. to drive the fuel pump
D. to transmit motion of the piston to the crankshaft


.A maintenance free battery

A. has lead-antimony plate grid
B. has lead-calcium plate grid
C. does not contain acid
D. does not contain water


The engine oil viscosity is defined by __________ ratings.

A. automatic transmission fluid (ATF)
B. society of automotive engineers (SAE)
C. gross vehicle weight (GVW)
D. American petroleum institute (API)


.Which one of the following statements correctly describes the construction of a planetary gear type differential ?

A. The six planetary pinions rotate in constant mesh with the internal gears.
B. One drive shaft is splined to the central gear and the other to the planetary gear.
C. Each planetary pinion gear meshes with both the central gear and the internal gear.
D. The internal gear is fixed to the planetary gear.


.The component of the oil filter that prevents the passage of metal particles and sludge is

A. element
B. relief valve
C. check valve
D. case