Automobile Engineering


  In comparison to frame type construction, the frameless structure construction of automobiles is economical when produced in __________ numbers.

A. small
B. large


  A petrol that detonates easily is called

A. high octane petrol
B. low octane petrol
C. unleaded petrol
D. blended fuel


  The function of a governor in automobiles is to

A. limit the power
B. limit the vehicle speed
C. maintain constant engine speed
D. maximise the fuel economy


The crankshaft of a typical in-line four cylinder engine has __________ balance weights.

A. 12 B. 4 C. 16 D. 8
B. 4
C. 16
D. 8


  In Diesel engines, during suction stroke, __________ is drawn in the cylinder.

A. air and fuel
B. only fuel
C. only air
D. none of these