Interview puzzle 3


Dice Probability Puzzle 

A dice is thrown twice without any bias. What is the probability that the sum of numbers the thrower got in those two throws is equal to 6


Card permutations probability Puzzle 

Alex is shuffling a pack of cards (54 cards in total) and after some time, he takes out a joker card.

Now, he splits the remaining cards into two piles. Can you find out the probability where one of the piles has a sequence of card from A to K in order?


Probability To Choose Own Toy Brain Teaser

I bought three toys for my triplet boys (one for each). I placed the toys in the dark store. One by one each boy went to the store and pick the toy. What is the probability that no boy will choose his own toy?


The Lottery Puzzle 

Let's say in a lottery Samuel have a 4% chance of winning the jackpot.
All lined up and 1st four people on the line lose. Samuel is 5th in the row.
What's the chance of Samuel winning now?