Interview puzzle 6


Spot The Error Statement 

Spot the error in the following statement.

A taxi stopped outside a mansion at night. Instead of paying money, the passenger hit the taxi driver in the head and killed him. He then took the entire money from the taxi meter and ran inside his mansion. The neighbor saw him committing the crime and informed the police. The police got hold of him immediately.


Can you solve this murder mystery 

In a house party at night, suddenly the light goes off. A scream is heard and when the lights come back, a guy is dead on the floor. His five friends namely Aman, Anurag, Ajay, Alex and Aditya are shocked to find his dead body in front of them.

The victim before dying managed to write four numbers on the floor with his blood smeared fingers. The numbers are 4, 5, 8 and 11.

Can you tell who killed him?


Tennis Funny Quick Riddle 

Lucy and Hannah are playing lawn tennis together. They decide to play a set of three. After the sets, both of them win each three sets.

How is this possible?


Trick Relation Riddle 

On a certain day, the brother of a young deaf beggar died. This made the beggar extremely unhappy which was natural. One man asked the beggar the reason of mourning. What relation did the beggar used to tell that man about the person who died?

Hint: Brother is not the answer.


Matchstick Brain Teaser 

You are given the figure that is attached with the question. What you have to do is move six matchsticks such that the resulting figure has five squares.

Can you do it?