Interview puzzle 12


Make Equation True MatchStick Puzzle 

Can you move one matchstick to make below equation true?

Toothpick Donkey Puzzle

The toothpicks in the picture have been arranged to form a donkey shaped figure. You have to move two matchsticks in a way that the entire shape is rotated / reflected while being intact. Also, you can't change the tail's direction it should be pointing up.


Animal Cipher Rebus 

Which animal is hidden in the rebus below?


Floating Fish MatchStick Riddle 

As shown in the image below, group of fishes are swimming from left to right. By moving just three matchsticks, can you make fishes from right to left?


Reach The Island Riddle

Alexandra wants to reach an island which is in the middle of the river. The island is 30 feet from the edge of the river. As shown in the picture below he got two wooden planks about 29 feet each.

How can Alexandra reach the island?