Interview puzzle 13


Guess Movie Picture Brain Teaser 

If we tell you that what you see in the picture attached with this question hints for a movie name, can you find out which movie is that?


Which Movie Is This Riddle 

Someone has plotted on the quadrants. But its not a random placing. It disclose a movie name within. Which movie will that be?


Tough Logic Program Watch Problem

In the given picture, you can find a LCD device. The device is a simple level indicator which has to be converted into a watch.

How will you program it to display the right time (HH:MM:SS) in 12 hour format?


 Find Out Which Movie Riddle 

There is some coding in the given picture. The whole picture screams of a movie name.

Can you find out which movie? 


Move Three Matchsticks Puzzle 

Can you create two rectangles in the given figure by merely moving three matchsticks?