Blood Relations


Pointing to a man a women said, "His mother is the only daughter of my mother". How is women related to the man?

A. Mother
B. Daughter
C. Sister
D. Grandmother
E. None of these


If Neena says, “Anita's father Raman is the only son of my  father–in–law Mahipal”, then how is Bindu, who is the sister of Anita, related to Mahipal?

A. Wife
B. Daughter
C. Niece
D. None of these


Rita told Mani,“The girl I met yesterday at the beach was the youngest daughter of the brother–in–law of my friend’s mother.” How is the girl related to Rita’s friend?

A. Daughter
B. Niece
C. Friend
D. Cousin


Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said, “His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.” How is the gentleman related to Deepak?

A. Brother–in–law
B. Uncle
C. Father
D. Grandfather


Looking at a portrait of a man, Harsh said " His mother is wife of my father's son. Brothers and Sisters I have none"  At whose portrait was Harsh looking?

A. His son
B. His Cousin
C. His Uncle
D. His Nephew
E. None of those