Direction Sense Test


A rat runs 20 towards East and turns to right, runs 10 and turns to right, runs 9 and again turns to left, runs 5 and then turns to left, runs 12 and finally turns to left and runs 6. Now, which direction is the rat facing?  

A. East
B. West
C. North
D. South


Radha moves towards south-east a distance of 7 km, and then she moves towards west and travels a distance of 14m. From here she moves towards North-west a distance of 7m and finally she moves a distance of 4m towards East and stood at that point. How far is the starting point from where she stood?

A. 3m
B. 4m
C. 10m
D. 11m


A river flows west to east and on the way turns left and goes in a semi-circle round a hillock, and then turns left at right angles. In which direction in the river finally flowing?

A. West
B. East
C. North
D. South


I am facing south. I turn right and walk 20 m . Then i right again and walk 10 m. Then i turn left and walk 10 m and then turning right walk 20 m . Then i turn right again and walk 60 m. In which direction am I from the starting point?  

A. North
B. North-west
C. East
D. North-East


Kishenkant walks 10 km towards North. From there, he walks 6 km towards south. Then he walks 3 km towards east. How far and in which direction is he with reference to his starting point.?

A. 5 km west
B. 5 km north-east
C. 7 km east
D. 7 km west